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I wanted all readers to update you on my F1 US Visa status. I applied to the University of Nebraska Kearney for the Fall intake in 2022.

Unfortunately, my application for the 1st attempt was rejected in July 2022. The cost of attendance (COA) for the university is $28,000.

Interestingly, the Visa Officer (VO) who conducted my interview was described as a Curly Long Young Male of Mexican nationality.

I’m a bit disappointed about the rejection, but I’m exploring other options. Let’s catch up soon and discuss it further.

First attempt details:

S.N. Activities Remarks
1 University University of Nebraska Kearney
2 COA $28,000
3 Intake Fall
4 Attempt 1st
5 Status Rejected
6 Date July, 2022
7 VO Curly Long Young Male(Mexican)

First Attempt Experience:

Here is my interview chat conversation:

Me – good morning and Namaste sir, how are you?

Vo- ohh you going University of Nebraska

Me – yeh sir Nebraska Kearney

Vo – why this university?

Me – The reason why I have chosen this university is because of its good support system for example:

  • I can participate in two different capstone projects in my senior year in which I will get to build my technical skills by creating different software applications under the guidance of my subject professor.
  • The next one is research facilities like the Discovery Hall which has the latest cutting-edge devices, modern classrooms and interactive lab spaces where I can work on real-world projects together with students from different majors. Similarly, through the UNK Computer Science club activities, I can get more practical learning experience.
  • I also like specialized courses like Computer Architecture, Wireless Networking, System Analysis and Design and Interactive Software Applications.
  • I have also received a 4,000 dollar of scholarship

He listened to all my answers

Vo- ohh, so why this major?

Me: I am very interested in learning about programming Languages, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Database Management, and so on. My program focuses on all these areas. I believe it will help me develop my career as a software developer. Then the officer went inside with all my documents and came after 5 minutes, I was thinking ki mero visa lago aba but things didn’t go as per plan After that, he came and said sorry for being late.

VO: who is my sponsor?

Me – my dad is the head of the department of #### and on totalling his salary, commission, and allowance he earns ## thousand dollars per year. And mom is a #### in a ####, and also a 20% shareholder there from where she gets ## thousand dollars. Besides these, we have leased our land and receive ##thousand dollars per year … Interrupted

 Sorry, I can’t issue your visa and get a white slip.

Second Attempt:

S.N. Activities Remarks
1 University University of Toledo
2 COA $34,000
3 Intake Spring
4 Attempt 1st
5 Status Rejected
6 Date May 3, 2023
7 VO American lady
I didn’t get refused a date for spring 2022. I booked my VI date for May 3 fall.

COA -34k, University of Toledo, May 3 2023.

So here goes my interview experience:

At that time the visa rate was too low. Since there were no lines after doing biometrics one is sent directly to the counter. Ma chai eauta moti American lady ko ma parey

Here is my interview:

VO – What changes?

This time I have chosen a better university. This university has additional courses and activities like feed, and capstone, and also has an advanced AI lab where I’m allowed to participate in these projects through my rocket ID, I have also got a 9k dollar scholarship… interrupted

I got a yellow slip at that time.

Third Attempt:

S.N. Activities Remarks
1 University University of Toledo
2 COA $34,000
3 Intake Spring
4 Attempt 1st
5 Status Rejected
6 Date Dec 14 / Rescheduled to Sep 7, 2023, at 2:15 PM
7 VO Curly young beautiful lady

Then I plan to give 1 last attempt and book a date of Dec 14, but I get the date available for Sep 14 1 slot only at midnight!

I planned to choose another university but my VI date was so closed. Then I emailed my previous university UTO for a deferral i-20 and also attached my appointment confirmation.

It was so urgent for me so, I emailed more than 3 assistant administrator directors and placed them on CC as well. Luckily they provided me I-20 within 1 day. 

I fill out the new DS ASAP and pay the SEVIS fee too. Now, with the same university, I go for an interview. COA  was $34,000, with no changes at all, UTO.

On Sep 7 at 2.15 time, I was the last candidate in the line too, got Pretty nervous because I was the last. That day visa is too too too over high. There were more H1 ,B1,J1 applicant. So here my interview goes like this, she was a curly young beautiful lady.

Me- good afternoon ma’am, how are you doing?

VO- I am doing great and you?

Me- I’m super-cool today ma’am,

Vo- you were rejected before?

Me- yes ma’am I was rejected twice.

Vo – did I reject you? {Smiling}

Me- No ma’am you weren’t there.

Vo – Laughed.. I just came here a few months ago!

Me- oh, I Laughed.

vo- which university are you going to?

Me – UTO ma’am.

Vo -wooo, So why this university?

Me: The one and only reason to chose this university is because of their capstone project I really love this project where I can demonstrate my skills as well .. intrupted…

Vo- What is this capstone, is this a subject or what?

Me: no ma’am it’s a project that happened in my senior year where I will be creating software under the guidance of my subject professor and also together with students from different majors. There was a silence for 5 sec then I again started answering why this uni?, if I had to talk then I would probably speak about federal experience interspinal disciplinary where I can take my own ideas and designs into the market which obviously built my technical skills… then intrupted…..

VO – what’s your plan boy, she smiles so cutely as well !!!

Me- after grad, I have a very exciting plan for both my career and family business. Interrupted… again.

Vo- who, I’m also so excited to listen to your plan.

Me- sure, ma’am I will explain to you too. Firstly I will be joining DVC or activity to gain some practical exposure then later I plan to start my own company, as you know ma’am Nepal is in the process of digitalization and I’m very sure this field has a lot to offer. But simultaneously, my dad and I have a plan to take our family business to a whole new level. We aim to enhance customer service by developing new and interactive software and mobile applications…Interrupt.

She had already passed me my documents in the middle but I didn’t see that, I thought I would get rejected this time as well. But when I looked down at the documents I saw shining green paper, I didn’t believe that.

Ekchoti akha banda garey ra feri here but it is still the green slip, that time I was shocked. 

And said, ma’am, I can’t believe this paper, she said haha I overlooked that while u were answering and I also didn’t say congratulations, just wanted to see your reaction at the end so, she said congratulations boy did it at your third attempt.

VO: Have an exciting stay as your plan was.

Me: I said thank u so so so very much she laughed too.

And rushed outside and still couldn’t believe it was a green slip I thought was still in my dream. mailey kapal kanaye ani feri herey it was green. Then I ran out of the embassy and paye paye vanera didi ra dai lai vanea . They were so happy for me.

It was absolutely a strange feeling for me, 5 din ma mahiley kehi ni practice garey ko thieana j hunxa dekha jayega vandai basey thiea , dhanna what changes vanera sodhnu vayena !!. I wasn’t so nervous during tht time.

Tips for everyone, lagey lagxa na lagea eatro ko arko choti ni dinxu vanea ra gako thiea but lago.

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